Woodcraft 4N3185 Training Course

Course Title:

Woodcraft 4N3185

The purpose of this award is to equip the learner with the knowledge, skill and competence to use woodwork tools and equipment safely and to plan, design and carry out basic woodcraft assignments.
3 Day(s)
Maximum number of people:

Candidate Criteria

Candidates must have a proficient level of literacy and numeracy

Course Content

Learners will be able to:
* Explain the uses of a range of electric tools to include hand drills
and sanders and woodcraft handtools.
*State the characteristics of materials and finishes used in wood
and timber
* Outline the basic properties of a range of materials to include
hardwood, softwood, natural and manufactured board, plastics
and fibreboard
*Select appropriate tools and equipment for specific tasks
*Identify a range of artefacts where halving joints, angle joints and
dovetailing joints are commonly used to include chairs, tables,
doors and drawers
*Carry out a range of woodcraft techniques to include marking out,
drilling, cutting, trenching, shaping and joining
*Complete a range of woodwork assignment planning and design
tasks to include compiling a materials requirement list, selecting
materials, interpreting a design brief with the aid of sketches and
producing design solutions and working procedures for specific
*Identify a range of uses for materials and various types of
*Apply suitable preparations and finishes for specific tasks
*Maintain tools and equipment to include an evaluation of their
condition before use
*Operate hand and machine tools in a work setting with due
regard for the safety of self and others to include the
identification of potential safety hazards, the correct usage of
woodcraft tools and equipment, use of personal protective
equipment (PPE) and the maintenance of the work environment
* Exercise proper procedures in the cleaning and storage of tools
and equipment after use to include the compilation of a visual
diary of tools and equipment with reference to safety
*Select appropriate woodcraft techniques and wood finishes for
specific tasks.

Assessment will include:
Collection of work 60%
Project 40%

Course Notes

All learning material will be supplied by FRS Training You will be registered and certified with QQI through our centre.

Course Comments

Successful candidates will achieve a QQI level 4 certificate

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