Manual Handling Training Course

Course Title:

Manual Handling

Manual Handling Training provides candidates with information & instruction on safe manual handling techniques which, if used correctly, may help prevent injury. Manual handling training is required under the 2007 (General Application Regulations)
1 Day(s)

Candidate Criteria

It is recommended that all participants wear suitable loose clothing such as a tracksuit and suitable footwear, Gloves may also be required depending on the type of activities in the workplace.

Course Content

•Introduction to Manual Handling
•Legislation on manual handling - 2005 Act:
•The Manual Handling Regulations 2007
•Structure and functions of the spine
•How various parts of the human body function when lifting, pushing and pulling
•Flexibility as a basic requirement in the prevention of spinal injury
•Muscle action
•Principles of lifting and moving techniques
•Work place organisation to avoid obstructions to safe handling
•Identify the main risks associated with manual handling operations
•Developing lifting and moving techniques to overcome the identified risks Practical- dealing with different types of Load
•Lifting from the floor
•Lifting from the table
•Lifting from low to high
•Handling sacks and drums

Assessment will include:
Pushing and pulling Examination:
Practical Assessment

Course Notes

All learning material will be provided by FRS Training.

Course Comments

Successful candidates will receive an FRS certificate of completion

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