Hand Held Pesticide Application (Knapsack) 5N0731 Training Course

Course Title:

Hand Held Pesticide Application (Knapsack) 5N0731

The purpose of this award is to equip the learner with the knowledge, practical skill and competence to apply pesticides using a hand held applicator in accordance with safe practices.
2 days tutor led on non-consecutive days. Participants will engage in independent learning outside of the formal training supported by an FRS tutor. The total duration is 50 learning hours.
Maximum number of people:

Course Content

• Describe how infestations of pests (weeds, diseases, insects and vertebrates) affect crop growth and reduce quality

• Describe the range of pest control methods available to farmers and Growers

• Explain the terminology used to categorise pesticides for crop

• Describe principles and procedures for the safe handling, storage, application and disposal of pesticides including appropriate personal protective equipment

• Summarise laws and regulations relating to poisonous substances to include pesticide residues and maintenance of adequate records

• Explain the principles of application technology necessary for the proper application of pesticides in respect of applicator components, calibration, maintenance, field operating procedures and precautions

• Interpret pesticide label information including precautionary symbols, product name, class designation, registration number, purpose, precautions, first aid instruction, toxicology information, disposal, notice to user, material safety data sheets (MSDS) and directions for use

• Prepare a hand-held applicator for work, including calibration in accordance with good practice and manufactures instructions

Course Notes

Successful applicants will receive a QQI level 5 certificate in Handheld pesticide application

Course Comments

Eligibility: Please note candidates must have a proficient level of literacy and numeracy

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