Experienced Forklift Programme Training Course

Course Title:

Experienced Forklift Programme

This course is designed to create safety awareness for experienced forklift truck operators so as to avoid possible accidents in their workplace by teaching the participant how to operate the forklift truck safely.
2 days
Maximum number of people:

Candidate Criteria

Candidates must be 18 years of age and hold a valid Safe Pass Card. Training is generally carried out on own premises or alternatively some other suitable venue can be arranged. There must be a forklift and cones available on site. Also there must be a clear area where the forklift can be operated in a safe manner during the practical

Course Content

•Legal Aspects of Forklift Operations
•Types of Forklift Truck
•Design of Forklift Trucks
•Daily Inspection procedures
•Stability of the Forklift
•General Safety Rules
•Driving the Forklift
•Loading and Stacking
•Destacking and Unloading
•Working Safely
•Workplace Design

Assessment includes:
Practicing forklift skills
Written assessment

Course Comments

Successful candidates will receive an FRS Certificate of Completion

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