Chemical Safety Training Course

Course Title:

Chemical Safety

The aim of this course is to give candidates a good understanding of the how chemicals enter the body and how these routes of entry can be protected. It also deals with the Chemical Agents Regulations, Code of Practice for Chemical Agents and the Chemical Packaging and Labeling Regulations.
2 days

Candidate Criteria

Candidates must be aged over 16

Course Content

•The routes of entry for chemicals into the body
•The Respiratory System
•Airborne chemicals.
•Particulates v Gas/vapour.
•Markings on masks
•Evaluating the suitability of filter masks for specific jobs.
•Negative and positive respiratory filtration systems
•Discuss some common respiratory hazards.
•The skin and how it works
•Skin damaged and protection
•How do chemicals get into the blood through the skin
•Irritant and Alergic Contact Dermatitis
•Gloves as Personal Protective Equipment
•Chemically resistant v Chemical proof
•Chemical warning symbols
•Safety and risk phrases
•Safety Data Sheet
•Reading chemical package labels Regulations
•Chemicals and the Safety Statement
•Chemical storage

Course Notes

All learning material will be supplied by FRS Training

Course Comments

Successful candidates will receive an FRS Certificate of completion

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