Chainsaw Felling over 380mm Training Course

Course Title:

Chainsaw Felling over 380mm

Candidates will learn the skill of dealing with medium and large trees with emphasis on health and safety techniques.

Candidate Criteria

Candidates must be over 16 years of age
Candidates should be relatively fit and agile as course is physical
Bring own PPE (chainsaw boots, chainsaw combi helmet, Chainsaw pants, chainsaw gloves). If you are unable to provide PPE we will supply Lend PPE for the duration of the course

Candidates must be previously certified in Unit 201,202 and 203 to sit this course (maintenance, crosscutting and felling of small trees)

Course Content

Candidates will complete:
*Safety and maintenance review
*Identify the risk assessment and emergency procedures on a work site
*Select equipment required for safe and effective felling
*Fell a range of larger sized trees safely and accurately using an appropriate method
*Fell large leaning or weighted trees
*Sned and / or de-limb larger sized trees
*Crosscut stems over the guide bar length in diameter to a given specification
*Select and take down hung up trees using hand and mechanical winching equipment suitable for takedown of a larger tree

Course Notes

All learning material will be provided by FRS Training. You will be registered and certified with City and Guilds through our centre.

Course Comments

Upon successful completion of the course candidates will receive City and Guilds certification.

Please feel free to contact Linda through the email portal provided and she will be happy to discuss price and duration.
*Ensue course name is mentioned in the enquiry box.

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