All Terrain Vehicle Operations/Quad Bike Training Training Course

Course Title:

All Terrain Vehicle Operations/Quad Bike Training

The purpose of this award is to equip the learner with the relevant knowledge, skill and competence to drive and handle an all terrain vehicle in a safe manner in compliance with relevant legislation.
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Course Content

Outline the role and uses of all terrain vehicles in the land based

Interpret legal requirements pertaining to the use of an all terrain
vehicle and ancillary equipment in an off-road situation and on
public roads

Outline the need for safe and efficient all terrain vehicle
operation to maximise stability on flat, rolling and hilly terrain

Interpret safety decals, controls and instrument panels for an all
terrain vehicle appropriate to work situation involved

Carry out routine pre-starting checks specified in the operator¿s

Drive an all terrain vehicle around a specified course in a
controlled manner appropriate to the terrain and surface

Operate an all terrain vehicle effectively and in accordance with
safety requirements

Operate an all terrain vehicle effectively with ancillary equipment
for a range of tractor tasks

Course Notes

Successful applicants will receive a QQI level 5 in All Terrain Vehicle Operations

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