Boom Sprayer Test Checklist

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Sprayer Details

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Tractor is in sound working condition
Sprayer size is compatible with tractor size
Sprayer will be mounted on the tractor for the test
Sprayer controls can be reached/operated from tractor seat
Tractor PTO Controls working correctly
Tractor Brakes working
Tractor Handbrake working
Tractor must have sufficient diesel and all oils levels checked


Sprayer is thoroughly washed with clean water (triple rinsed)
PTO guard in place with both chains
Any leaks in sprayer tank
Access to clean water to refill sprayer
Oil level in sprayer pump checked
Is the seal in place on the filler lid
Is there a tap fitted to drain the sprayer tank
Pesticide Induction hopper with 20mm grating/mesh


Are all nozzles cleaned and in place and the same colour/type


Suction filter fitted and cleaned fully
Pressure filter fitted and cleaned fully
Nozzles filters fitted and cleaned fully
Basket filter fitted and cleaned fully

Pressure Gauge

2.5” diameter face or 63MM
Needle steady when operating
Markings showing every 0.2 bar
Glycerine visible in the clock face

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